There is so much emphasis in our society on external appearances, but what is a healthy internal life worth to you? How could living in emotional freedom change your relationships, effectiveness at work, or ability to parent well?  How could it change how your child sees himself and how he engages with others and with the world?  

Regardless of what traumas you’ve been through or what treatments you’ve tried, there is a way for you to live free of your past hurts and grow to trust yourself.  Most people feel like others have been through worse than they have.  It doesn't make sense to compare traumas.  If an event was impacting to you, that is reason enough to address it.  

We provide trauma therapy treatment based on the ITR (Instinctual Trauma Response) model, an evidence-based method that focuses on treating the roots of problems, rather than merely the symptoms. In this way, our clients are able to make great and lasting strides in a brief period of time. This is done by directly and intentionally recoding traumatic memories so that they finally feel like they are in the past.


Trauma can cause a person to feel disconnected from themselves and from others.  It can make it very difficult to even want to connect to others, because other people can easily end up associated with fearful and painful experiences.  

With a person's traumatic experiences processed, he is finally able to begin to feel connected to himself and, from that, to begin to learn to connect with other people from a place of compassion.  Being able to engage with others effectively stands to positively impact every area of an individual's life.  After all, we are made for connection.

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    Connection Fuels Growth

    In my last post I shared about my nephew experiencing disconnection and how upsetting that was to him.  Why was it such a big deal?  It's because we are all fundamentally connected to each other.   Read More...

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  • You Saved My Life

    The results of my intensive therapy session with you have been truly amazing. Had I not experienced these results myself I would not have believed they were possible. Sadly, my friends keep asking me "How are you doing?" as if I was still carrying the same burdens that were definitively released in therapy.   Read More...

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