Margaret Vasquez explains her personal perspective on trauma

I went through trauma treatment according to the Instinctual Trauma Response model in the intensive format in which it was designed to be used. At the end of treatment I knew that something radical had been accomplished.  I had been equipped with the tools I needed to make those changes lasting and was put on a path of growth.   Now, my team and I work to make this profoundly effective method available, so that others who are suffering can find a way out, as well.

But, the truth is that this method did not just help me. As I was still a student doing practicum, I saw those going through this treatment benefiting in much the same way that I had. At that point, I was sold.  When I saw the benefit experienced by a wide array of people of different ages and with varying traumas, I knew that this was truly solid and not just a benefit I had experienced by chance.

It is because of this that we can with conviction and confidence tell you that there is hope and there is healing for you. Peace is not just something for others to experience.